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About Trincomalee

Built around the magnificent harbour of Gokarna Bay, the Sri Lankan city of Trincomalee once had a reputation as the most coveted trading port in the whole Indian subcontinent. Haunted by a web of colonial history, where many a European power came here to take the deep natural harbours of the city, the large Dutch fortress of Fort Fredrick sports the marks and times of Portuguese, Danish, Dutch and British invaders. 
Right above, along Trinco’s rocky shores sit historical Hindu temples, worthy pilgrimage sites built by its native Hindus; an early morning visit to the Koneswaram kovil promises picturesque sunrises before your Trincomalee tour guide whisks you to Kanniya Hot Waterwells whilst regaling you with stories of its relevance in hindu mythology.
But the biggest draw of this area, that has but recently opened up its peaceful front to the rest of the world, are its beaches. Lying north of the city, Nilaveli, Marble and Uppuveli pose paradisiacal examples of Indian Ocean sands and scenic bays, attracting crowds during the high season for sunbathing, snorkelling and more popularly, diving and whale watching.

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