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About Sigiriya

If you decide to see just one thing when touring Sri Lanka, make it Sigiriya. Yes sir, this soaring, sheer-cut rock jutting out dramatically from the plains of the Central Province is almost certainly the country’s most startling and striking site. Crowned with a UNESCO tag, it represents one of the oldest ancient fortresses on the island, with a history running all the way back to the 5th century AD.

Cultural attractions abound, revealing themselves as travellers make their way up the much-trodden 1,200 steps that cling their way tenuously around the rock faces to the tip of the citadel. The western rock face reveals frescoes of damsels, and the so-called Mirror Wall fascinates, a pre-historic piece of polished rock covered with graffiti from ancient visitors. Then comes the otherworldly Lion Gate, and the sprawling majesty of the surrounding Water Gardens, said to be the oldest planned gardens on the planet. To make the most of this eighth wonder of the world, Sigiriya tour guides offer comprehensive guided walks around the site, regaling visitors with tales of ancient monarchs and battles, and elaborate construction techniques along the way.

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