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Review for Devan Samantha De Silva, Tour guide in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

My daughter and I spent some 12 days with Mike (Chinthaka ). We travelled a lot; he is an excellent driver, and excellent and knowledgable guide, and ... More more right

Review for Chinthaka Shamal Hatharasingha, Tour guide in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

Tour arranged by Audley UK. Excellent itinerary. Our guide, Sisira, was also excellent and contributed greatly to the success of the trip. ... More more right

Review for Sudath Chandana Sisira Kumara, Tour guide in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

About Ratnapura

Swaddled by emerald rubber forests and cascading tea plantations where pickers pepper the aisles of shrubs, Ratnapura has a handsome location amidst the southern hills of Sri Lanka. There's evidence to show that the place was first settled almost 2,000 years ago, when traveling Buddhist monks from India passed this way. However, it wasn’t until gems and precious stones were discovered in the surrounding ridges that Ratnapura really became well-known. Today the town is awash with bustling mines and gem markets that sell the range from deep-blue sapphires to blood-red rubies, and a discerning eye is recommended before making a purchase. That said, tourists also make their way here for hikes up to the Adam's Peak, with Ratnapura tour guides offer trekking expeditions out to see the Buddhist relics and sweeping views there.

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