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About Pinnawala

Set deep amidst the jungles of eastern Sri Lanka, midway between the towns of Colombo and Kandy, the small and rustic hamlet of Pinnawala beckons travellers with one seriously immersive and enticing attraction: The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Hailed as the home of the largest captive elephant herd on the planet, this 25-acre sanctuary for breeding, conservation and rehabilitation boasts no fewer than 88 of the majestic beasts. Visitors here can join their Pinnawala tour guides on walking routes around the orphanage, watching as the herd interacts and plays between the roaring streams of the mud-coloured Ma Oya River, observing the elephants’ daily feeding routines and learning about the various conservation efforts being made in this section of South Asia. There are also some lovely views of inland Sri Lanka to be had from the town, which sits encircled by sweeping swathes of coconut plantation and hills of lush green rainforest.

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