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About Matara

Surrounded by a wealth of magnificent beaches and verdant coastal mangroves, the city of Matara remains one of the most beautiful urban destinations on all of Sri Lanka. Its character is a curious mix of post-colonial Dutch and traditional Asian Buddhism, manifesting all through the marketplaces, palatial mansions and temples that now adorn the banks of the Nilwala River here.
Since bursting back into life after the destruction of the Indian Ocean tsunami, Matara’s beach culture has gone from strength to strength, with plenty of scuba divers and sun seekers now flocking to the stretches that line the main roadway north out of town; from the coral-laden sands of Polhena, to the verdant groves of Crow Island and the Robinson Crusoe spots at Tangalle to the east.
Anyone looking to glimpse the unique culture of this southern section of Sri Lanka though should sure be to ask their Matara tourist guide for the low down on religious sites like the Parevi Dupatha, attached to the city by a tenuous rope bridge, or the post-colonial prowess of the charming old town, watched over by the Star Fort and beautiful seaside Church of St Mary.

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