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About Kandy

The sacred city of Kandy is one of Sri Lanka’s religious holdfasts, home to one of the country’s most enticing array of ancient Buddhist sites and temple complexes, not to mention one of the faith’s most defining relics (the tooth of the Buddha) the world over. Consequently the city has become a focal point for religious pilgrimage and festivity in Sri Lanka, host to the midsummer Kandy Esala Perahera, when tourists are treated to richly adorned elephant processions and traditional Sri Lankan dancers.
But, while these overarching religious ‘must sees’ undoubtedly feature the highest on any Kandy tour guide itinerary, this elevated city in the hilly heart of the island has much more to offer, particularly for the intrepid and outdoorsy type. One of the favoured hiking hotspots in the country, the forest trails of Knuckle Mountains and Udawatte Kele reveal scenic paths along spice forests and villages along the way, while the centuries old Peradeniya Garden embody the grace and beauty of this cultural capital, also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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