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We did a 10 day tour in Sri Lanka, and we had a wonderfull trip to Sri Lanka thanks to Thilanka. He is a very nice, responsible and friendly ... More more right

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Good Tour guide and Good customer support. Excellent service More more right

Review for Dilra Tours , Tour guide in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

I went 3 Times to Sri Lanka trip With Cyril,Very good guide who become a friend With my family,he Knows Very well his job ,All place to visit ... More more right

Review for Cyril Perera, Tour guide in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

About Kalpitiya

If you're the sort who loves to escape the crowds and taste something a little authentic, then straying north from Colombo into wave-bashed Kalpitiya district could just be the thing for that Sri Lankan travel itinerary. This mostly unknown region that juts out from the island in a panhandle of blustery beaches and muddy mangroves is hailed as one of the best-kept secrets of the Teardrop of India. As you encounter hardy fishing folk, leave footprints on white-yellow sands, snorkel, kayak, and swim in total isolation. 

Don't expect the same abundance of hotels and reggae bars as around Galle in the south; just a smattering of local Kalpitiya tour guides here can help you explore the shimmering sands of places like Palagama Beach or find the fastest-paced kitesurfing spots along the shores of the inland lagoon. They can also help organise a whale and dolphin safari out across the Indian Ocean – isolated Kalpitiya hosts sperm whales and summersault-ing spinner dolphins. 

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