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About Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa is where the vibes are good and the surf rolls in. It is Sri Lanka's chill-out hub, clutching the south coast of the island with its ramshackle guesthouses, beer shacks, and spice-scented Tamil curry houses. Don't miss out on its world-class diving scene and excellent surf schools. Or, if you prefer something a little slower, long sunbathing sessions between the leaning palm trees and the boulder-spotted beachfront. Although it is popular, Hikkaduwa still bursts with beautiful tropical spots. You can don the snorkel and load the underwater camera for jaunts to the Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary, where seahorses and purple brain corals and all sorts of curious creatures lurk just off the shore. Hikkaduwa tour guides can also show you the way to the local turtle sanctuary, where baby flappers and important hatcheries await. 

And, once you're done with the scuba days, snorkels and surfing? Hikkaduwa's chilled side reveals itself. That means cold cocktails with the red-orange sunset, romantic strolls along the edge of the Indian Ocean, and tasting some of the best fish curries in all of Sri Lanka. 

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