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About Galle

Jutting out from the southern end of the Sri Lankan isle, the promontory town of Galle is one of the country’s undisputed colonial treasures. Its formidable bulwarks and fort walls rise from the swells of the Laccadive Sea in sharp gradients, encircling one of the most-coveted harbour towns in the history of the Indian Ocean; fought over by Portuguese, Dutch and British settlers, Moroccan explorers and local Sri Lankan kings alike.
Start by accompanying your Galle tourist guide to the major ‘must sees’ within the Fort’s walls, making sure you tick off the well preserved colonial buildings including the unique architecture of the Dutch Church, before heading off to survey the crumbling battlements and cannon towers that now loom above the boutique cafés and curry houses that still adorn the living streets here.
If history’s not your thing, then perhaps a dose of culture at the nearby Kalutara Temple or will be better, or maybe a stint on the stands of Galle’s seaside cricket grounds cheering on the city team with the fervent locals. Then, of course there are the curries—hot, spicy and strong flavoured—all mixed with a curious array of western foods, lingering on the menu thanks to Galle’s long colonial past.

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