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About Dambulla

Nestled deep in the inner heartlands of the Sri Lankan island, Dambullaa is home to some of the country’s most intriguing cultural and natural wonders, the Royal Rock Cave temple complex.  Complete with giant golden Buddha statues, sweeping views of the island’s central plateaus, and winding cave walls laden with ancient art, this ancient centre of religious focus is one of the must see gems of Sri Lanka’s cultural fabric. While most Dambulla tour guides are quick to point first time visitors to this fascinating and well preserved complex, other worthy sights include the nearby monastery of Na Uyana Aranya, and the karst hills of rose quartz that dot the landscape all around.
In the town itself, a smattering of local eateries, a wide range of budget accommodation and plenty of resort style hotels makes Dambullaa suitable for shoestring travellers and luxury seekers alike, while those looking for something a little more modern will love the Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium, which is rumoured to have been constructed in just under half a year!

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