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About Bentota

The headland of Bentota prescribes a generous dosage of sun, dense mangrove swamps that cluster around the banks of the eponymous river, and some of the most picturesque coastal spots on the island of Sri Lanka. It’s crowned by the glowing yellow stretches of Bentota Beach itself, which conceals clusters of five-star hotel resorts and bamboo surfer hostels between its leaning seaside palm groves and the calm diving waters of its adjoining lagoon. Nearby, the town ticks over slowly, awash with the twisting fumes of Ayurveda incense sticks and the aromatic blooms of tamarind trees. Bentota tour guides often recommend a round of water sports or just a calming boat ride at the Bentota Ganga, before heading off further afield to explore the curious artsy gardens of the Brief Garden villa of Bevis Bawa. Others direct travellers to the turtle conservation spots in Induruwa to the south, or to the various hiking trails that weave their way into the Sri Lankan jungles from the coast.

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