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About Vigo

Vigo, like the rest of Galicia, has always liked to do things a little differently to the rest of Spain. Spread out along a wide bay on the Atlantic, it's had to deal with Viking raiders and Turkish fleets in its time, while booming industry and deep-water harbors made it into one of the main hubs of the Spanish maritime industry in the 20th century. The European vibes are never too far away though, thanks largely to the narrow alleys of the Casco Vello area. This is Vigo's historic heart, a place where swinging bronze signs signal tapas joints and cobbled streets give way to port houses. Vigo tour guides are happy to reveal the other older, Celtic remains of the town and its museums as well, including the masterworks of the Museo Municipal de Vigo (think Goya and Carracci). The beaches of Vigo are far less packed than their compadres on the Costa del Sol. Head down to Samil Beach, Carril or Vao or to the peaceful, beautiful vistas of Cies Islands to enjoy long, lazy days of sunbathing.

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