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About Sevilla

Citrus zest-scented Seville, the capital of the Spanish region of Andalucia has been a fantastic grandstand to the intriguing history and culture of the region accumulated over the centuries. Visitors will enjoy the area’s incredible architecture, like the Moorish styled Alcazar, magnificent Cathedral and its Giralda tower, among others showcasing examples of everything from Roman to Baroque within the streets of the city.
Seville is also known throughout Spain for its vibrant nightlife and is home to the most stylish, fun-loving people in the region. After dark, the city streets come alive with crowds making their way into the many tapas bars and clubs before later spilling back out onto the narrow medieval streets.
This air of revelry extends to its much-revered Andalucian heritage with the profound Semana Santa (holy Week) festivities and the celebratory Seville fair, held each year in April. Traditional bull fighting is enjoyed in Seville at the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza and for those who like their traditions less bloodthirsty, Flamenco dancing is both practised and taught in various places around the city.
Seville encompasses all the heat and passion of Southern Spain but beware; the temperature can reach sweltering heights in the summer months.

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