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About Santiago de Compostela

It’s hard to imagine just how uplifting the outline of Santiago's great Gothic-Baroque cathedral would have been to medieval pilgrims as they emerged from the arduous trail of the Camino to finally behold those soaring, holy spires. Even today, and even if you've not completed Europe's most famous pilgrimage route (also known as the Way of St James), it’s a beguilingly beautiful sight. And that’s just the beginning, because as you delve into the UNESCO-attested old town of this iconic Spanish city, there are Romanesque churches and stoic monasteries, wide plazas where tapas joints sizzle with Galician fish in the summer, and Albariño wine cellars and student pubs that echo with fado-esque folk tunes. So, once you're done touring the revered chapels with your Santiago de Compostela tour guide, be sure to linger in the festive atmosphere that carries on amidst the stone-clad streets of this famous, pious, Galician destination.

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