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Miriam foi otima!Desde a reserva dos serviços até a sua realização. Recomendo! More more right

Review for Miriam Izquierdo, Tour guide in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

My wife booked this tour (through Viator) instead of the cruise ship provided tour and I cannot thank her enough for that! Although my wife was sick ... More more right

Review for Andres Rios Luci, Tour guide in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

About Santa Cruz de Tenerife

With its bustling port sides and cool Auditorium, its acacia-spotted new town and eclectic shopping streets, its charming Spanish centre with its buzzing cantinas and Latin flair, its top-notch hotels and acclaimed museums, there's no denying the character of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. As the capital and largest city of the whole Canary Island chain, the place is likely to be the first port of call for any travelers heading to the famous beaches and surf spots that fringe the coast of Tenerife. But then, it's also home to a whole load of Santa Cruz de Tenerife tour guides for those who choose to linger a little and enjoy the delights of the city. Have an in-the-know local show you around the best bars around the palm-shaded square of Plaza Espana, the best seafood cuts and Canaries food in the taverns, and understand the curious relics of the Museo de la Naturaleza. If you happen to be about at carnival time, be ready to brave the crowds!

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