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Ignacio Is a wonderful guide. He knows so much about what you’re saying and where you’re going. And everything just rolls out after any question ... More more right

Review for Ignacio García-revillo Del Hoyo, Tour guide in Salamanca, Spain

My definition of a true 5-star tour guide is one who is responsive to my questions during the pre-signing negotiation process then provides an ... More more right

Review for Mercedes Arribas, Tour guide in Salamanca, Spain

Very knowledgeable and considerate with our group More more right

Review for Fernando Coronado, Tour guide in Salamanca, Spain

About Salamanca

Draped over the rolling hills of Castile and León in northern Spain and set to the babbling ditties of the Tormes River, the city of Salamanca is the stuff of fairy-tales. Its historic centre stands pierced with the soaring tips of Romanesque turrets and Gothic spires alike, glowing amber and cinnamon as the Spanish sun dances on its filigreed frontispieces and red-tiled roofs. The crux of this classical dominion rises right at its heart, where the mighty New Cathedral, with its glittering domes connects into the ornate medieval walls of the Old Cathedral. Nearby lies Plaza Mayor, the kernel of Salamanca’s night time activity laden with concealed student dives and pounding underground wine bars, and stamped with the mark of history at every corner. Elsewhere, and visitors tour the tight-knit streets, appreciating its pretty and peculiar wonders like the Casa de las Conchas shell house and the ancient university; hanging off every word of their Salamanca tour guide as they delve deeper into the histories and legends of the old Kingdoms of Castilla.

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