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Due to a mistake I made, the tour with Miguel never came off, so I can't say how good a tour guide he is. However, he handled the situation well and ... More more right

Review for Miguel Corral, Tour guide in Palma, Spain

About Palma

Almost half of Mallorca’s population call Palma, the capital of the Balearic Islands in Spain, home. It’s no wonder given its glorious temperature, the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, and enchanting Spanish culture on offer in this seaside city.
The City of Palma is the historic and cultural centre of the island with much to offer the culture-savvy and curious traveller. Palma’s gothic cathedral dominates, casting its long shadow over the historic centre of the city while nearby Parc de la Mer hosts outdoor music event and film screenings all year round. The Arab quarter offers a taste of Mallorca’s past and is a popular destination to sample the city’s historic Arab baths. History-lovers will also enjoy Bellver Castle, which contains a museum of archaeological finds and classic sculptures as well as Alcázar Real, the official summer residence of the King of spain.
From the calm and cool shade of the city centre head to the beach, and you’re spoilt for choice on where to go; Ciudad Jardín, Cala Major and Can Pere Antoni nearby boast impressive beach clubs. Palma’s cafe culture and nightlife are second to none and the arty areas of La Llonja and Santa Catalina offer some of the best restaurants and bars in the city.

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