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Review for Neda Cvetek, Tour guide in Lleida, Spain

About Lleida

Amidst the rolling foothills of the mighty Pyrenees Mountains, the citadel of old Lleida now stands as one of the most impressive in all of Iberia. All around it, a city of bustling streets and haphazard tenement blocks flows into the distance, hemmed in by the meandering channels of the River Segre and endless fields of blooming fruit orchards.

Part Catalan, part Spanish, part French, part multi-cultural Europe, Lleida’s centre is a veritable hubbub of languages and nationalities that manifests in earthy Spanish tapa bars, Parisian cafés and bustling university bars alike. At its heart, the great towers of the La Seu Vella Cathedral and all their exquisite gothic medievalism stand watch next to the La Suda, forming a charming kernel of historic architecture along with the edifices of the La Paeria Council house. At the Cathedral Square, the baroque faces of the Seu Nova and its pretty surrounding plazas await, while history buffs looking to recreate the Templar legacy trail should make their way to the castle of Gardeny, a classic example of 12the century military architecture.

Lleida tour guides are also usually quick to note the town’s position on the cusp of northern Spain’s rugged reaches; between the vistas of the Parque Nacional de Aiguestortes, and the ski resorts of the greater Pyrenees.

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