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About Girona

Watched over by the soaring Gothic and Romanesque spires of Sant Feliu and the Girona Cathedral, the winding River Onyar weaves its way through a veritable kaleidoscope of colourful homes, bubbling riverside cantinas and jutting terrace gardens. Elsewhere, photo-snapping tourists on day-trip from Barcelona navigate through the labyrinthine cobble ways and leafy squares of Girona’s old town, one of Spain’s most historically rich urban centres.
Be sure to ask your Girona tourist guide for the lowdown on this city curious and lengthy history, before heading out to take in the ancient Roman walls, the formidable medieval city gates and the winding alleys of the old Jewish Quarter. Then, wander down the arts and crafts shops at the Rambla, all touting the exquisite regional glassware and oodles of classic Catalan trinketry.
In the evening don’t miss out on Girona’s bubbling café culture, which rages in the coffee bars and restaurants of the old town before moving onto one of the heady discoteca clubs, with their resident DJs and smoke-filled dance floors. 

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