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About Figueres

It’s no secret that most people hit small town Figueres for one thing and one thing only: the famous Salvador Dali Theatre and Museum. Welcome to a landmark that is part art gallery, part museum and mausoleum, and part dream-like journey through the subterrane of 20th century European Dadaism. But along with the famous magnum opus of its most revered son, Figueres still packs a punch in the culture department, touting the formidable walls of the great Castell de Sant Ferran (hailed as one of the largest fortresses on the continent), a fantastic regional history museum amongst many others, and a wealth of charming Francophile lanes and restaurants befitting a town so close to the border with French Pyrénées-Orientales to the north. And once you’re done museum stalking by day, be sure to quiz your Figueres tour guide on the liveliest spots for a night time sangria tipple—perhaps in the bars clustering around pretty Placa de les Patates, or in the earthy tapas joints that find their home just off from the bustling La Rambla.

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