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 While we were down in the south of Spain we decided to stop and make a visit to Murcia.   We had a tour booked with Mavi,  but a ... More more right

Review for Mavi Talavera Sánchez, Tour guide in Cartagena, Spain

About Cartagena

Not to be confused with its Colombian cousin of the same name, Spain's Cartagena – the original Cartagena – is a place steeped in history. For more than three millennia it's been the principal port of the Murcia region, which lends it an authenticity and grittiness not found in the other out-and-out resorts up and down the coast. 

In place of rollicking karaoke bars and Anglicised brunch outlets, this city champions grand remnants of the Roman empire, Byzantine ruins and thought-provoking Modernista flurries a la Gaudi. Perhaps the very best way to see all that is in the company of an in-the-know Cartagena tour guide, who can take you through the maze of narrow alleys around the commercial port to reveal the great amphitheatre and its chipped marble terraces, the ancient Punic fortress walls, historic plazas where Moorish mosques once loomed – the list goes on.

Of course, a taste of classic Spanish sand, sun and sea is never too far away in these parts. Break out directly to the south to discover the cliff-ringed horseshoe bay of Cala Cortina – expect turquoise waters for snorkelling and waterside cantinas with tapas. For something a little more out there, clothing-optional beaches await beneath the Sierra de la Muela in El Portus and beyond. 

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