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About Bilbao

Whether you head to Bilbao in search of that curious, shapeshifting mass of metal bearing the moniker of Guggenheim that stands tall and proud in the city’s heart, or to launch further explorations through the underrated and magnificent backwaters of the Basque Country or to sample a dash of real, blue-collar Spanish life, you’re certain not to be disappointed. Be prepared for something of a chameleon quality in this city. This is a place where industry thrives on the spreading courses of the Nervión next to boho cafes in the middle of Bilbao itself, and where Gothic churches and cathedrals rub shoulders with some of the most cutting-edge constructions the country has to offer. Art lovers would do well not to get caught up in the exhibition rooms of the iconic Fish Gallery, being sure to explore the likes of the Museo de Bellas Artes and the Maritime Museum as well – both of which come highly recommended by Bilbao tour guides. And the culture doesn’t stop at art, with the likes of the Teatro Arriaga and the Academy of the Basque Language occupying gorgeous Baroque buildings between Plaza Nueva and Mercado de la Ribera. There is more, with oodles of open-air parks to kick back in, al fresco performances in the summer and, of course, the windswept beaches of the Basque Country nearby to the north.

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