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Review for Ignacio García-revillo Del Hoyo, Tour guide in Avila, Spain

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We are happy with Ms Elena, very knowlegeable and very patient especially with my kids...  More more right

Review for Elena Escobar, Tour guide in Avila, Spain

About Avila

A visit to Avila transports visitors back in time, to the charming history of southern Spain. Walls around the city’s old town immediately welcome all to its’ European time warp where, eight monument-adorned gates, 88 weighty watchtowers, and over 2500 turrets comprise one of the world’s most impeccably preserved medieval fortresses. Behind the massive fortress lies a thriving shopping district amidst 12th century architecture comprising palaces and churches, where guests follow the natives to navigate this beautiful city on foot. This is, as an Avila tour guide will tell you, also the place to try out its unique meat based gastronomic delights as well as “yemas”, a local dessert. 
In addition to its’ history-ridden appearance and rich religious culture, the Castile Leon capital also differs from many of Spain’s other touristy regions in its’ weather. Avila’s cooler weather is a much-appreciated escape from the sweltering hot summer months of southern Spain. Warmer seasons see mild temperatures and winters bring a chill, but both sunshine and snowfall provide delightful, cant-miss views of this medieval city.

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