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Amparo Serra is a very charming guide who knows her way around Valencia.  She obviously loves her City and we were shown the highlights of the ... More more right

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We spent a wonderful few hours cycling around Valencia. Would highly recommend Noelia. More more right

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About Alacant

Holiday getaways often offer the mystique of a faraway land or indulgent relief from life’s stressors, but finding a destination worthy equally of exploring and relaxation can be difficult. Luckily, Alicante’s old Europe ambience and numerous beachside resorts offer eager travellers this fine balance. An ultimate Spanish city, the historical sites are as plentiful as they are eye-catching. The Castle of Santa Barbara, one of Spain’s largest medieval fortresses and the narrow streets of the old quarter offer a wonderful stroll back in time.
Beyond its’ enchanting provincial relics, any Alicante tour guide will proclaim the city’s warm, sandy beaches to be it’s most prominent attraction. Sunbathing and boating excursions welcome all to Spain’s Mediterranean coast, where bright blue waters and a bustling harbor provide entertainment at all hours of the day. For a seaside escape from this tourist driven region, trips to Tabarca Island depart from Alicante’s port and deliver travellers to a peaceful retreat where visitors indulge in authentic Spanish eateries.

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