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About South Sudan

The youngest independent nation on earth is still floundering in the instability of its creation. Armed rebels and home-grown militias still prowl the backcountry in defiance of the newly established government in Juba. There exist great upheavals from Bahr el Ghazal in the east to Upper Nile in the west, with tales of human rights violations and child soldiering still lingering even after the official end of the civil war with Sudan. When (and let’s hope soon) South Sudan emerges from its routine of coups and counter coups, there’s certainly no shortage of attractions that could one day allow the nation to become a seriously big player on the African travel scene. Just think, South Sudan tour guides could tout the likes of cultural encounters with the Shilluk and Azande peoples, safaris along the Mountain Nile to see elands and oryx, wild dogs and the breathtaking antelope migrations of the Bandingilo National Park, 4X4 drives through the backcountry and beer tasting Juba. One day…

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