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About Worcester

Nestled behind walls and walls of spikey mountains and looming massifs at the heart of the Western Cape, the country town of Worcester ticks over to the sounds of rustling grape vines and ‘howzat’ cricket cries.
It’s perhaps primarily known for its place at the heart of the famous cellar door trail of the Cape Winelands, boasting its own tasting route of no fewer than 11 vineyards. But the delicacies don’t stop there either, because amidst the pretty Dutch colonial homes and old railway buildings of the 19th century, visitors can also find award-winning olive farms and classic Karoo bistros touting regional lamb cuts and in-house whites and reds to boot.
And once your palate is overloaded with flavours, and you simply can’t take any more of those breath-taking panoramas encompassing the snow-tipped Hex River Mountains and passes of Du Toitskloof, then be sure to ask your Worcester tour guide about the Kleinplasie Living Open Air Museum, where it’s possible to unravel the unexpected European threads of this mountain city’s curious human history.

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