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About Velddrif

Sleepy little Velddrif on the edge of the Western Cape is a picturesque conglomeration of white-washed holiday homes and timber fisherman’s cabins, all criss-crossed by winding waterways and wetland channels sprouting off from the Berg River.
Since tourists first began exploring north of Cape Town, the spot has been famed for its wealth of bird watching opportunities, offering up glimpses of neon-pink flamingos, pelicans and long-legged kingfishers to boot. Then there are the whales and the dolphins, sprouting up sporadically from the waters of Saint Helena Bay, where the explorer Vasco da Gama first set foot in South Africa.
But the touristic vibe here is primarily one of rest and relaxation, with most visitors taking to the windswept beaches around Dwarskersbos, the exclusive holiday clubs of Port Owen, or the pretty getaways of the Sandveld Reserve. Oh, and be sure not to leave town without quizzing your Velddrif tour guide on the best spots to try the legendary crayfish, because it’s hailed as the freshest in the country!

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