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André guided our group from the Regent Seven Seas Explorer in December 2018.  The group consisted of travelers mostly in the 65+ age group ... More more right

Review for André Gildenhuys, Tour guide in Tsitsikamma National Park, South Africa

I went to SA for three weeks, three years ago and suki was our guide and truck driver. She was so kind with great knowledge of the areas we visited ... More more right

Review for Suki Abrahams , Tour guide in Tsitsikamma National Park, South Africa

Feed is thebest you can ever wish! Very passionated I can only recommend you and cant wait to see you again mate! More more right

Review for Fred Burnard, Tour guide in Tsitsikamma National Park, South Africa

About Tsitsikamma National Park

Many say the long dash of protected reserve that is the Tsitsikamma National Park adds up to the very pinnacle of the Garden Route drive. Covering wave-bashed stretches of rugged coast and wild Fynbos hills, craggy summits and blustery inlets, there's plenty for the budding adventurer to get through here.

The Otter Trail remains the piece de resistance for hikers. Tsitsikamma National Park tour guides can take you along its whole 42-kilometer length, from the dramatic merger of ocean and the Storms River to the biodiverse reaches of Nature's Valley, where you can spot rare geese, spurfowls, and egrets to name just a few. As you walk, be sure to keep the binoculars handy for glimpses of passing whale pods and dolphins, too.

Deeper inland and the topography creeps up to the mountaintops. That's where you'll encounter the famous heaths of the Fynbos – a uniquely South African habitat. It's also where you can scramble up mesas in the shadow of Formosa Peak, a spiked summit of 1,675 meters that casts its gaze over the border between the Western and Eastern capes.

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