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About Stellenbosch

Nestled deep in the wine valleys of the western South African Cape, Stellenbosch is surrounded by fertile fields of verdant green sprouting row upon row of famous vine and regal oak. Not a wonder it’s easy to believe that it was the soil, and the terrior that brought the first settlers to this truly picturesque corner of the world. Start your look around by surveying the downtown and its rich collection of unique Cape Dutch architecture; those interested in unravelling the history of this colonial outpost a little further will do well at the Stellenbosch Museum and Powder House on the Braak. Tap into the city’s cultural buzz at its incessant music spots, populated by its incumbent communities and students from its famous university.
The biggest draw of this region however, is its wine, and aficionados should be sure to ask their Stellenbosch tourist guide about all the available excursions to the cellar doors that pepper the surroundings of this oak lined town. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike can look forward to joining the locals in tapping the neighbouring mountains, forests and valleys to indulge in a medley of pursuits from hiking to mountain biking and golfing.