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About Soweto

Jutting out from the southwestern edge of Johannesburg, the tin-roof houses and winding dusty lanes of Soweto’s various districts sprawl their way across the South African landscape. Since emerging as one of the focal points of opposition to apartheid in the 80s and the cradle of the Soweto Uprising in 1976, the site has been a fascinating reminder of this country’s visceral, recent history.
Consequently, a great many tourists out of Johannesburg visit the South Western Township, most taking one of the popular accredited tours of the area by jeep or minibus. Others head into town independently, taking the Jo’burg city rail to Vilakazi Street, that is home to many of its major sights, from the old homes of Desmond Tutu and Madiba, to the fantastic Mandela Family Museum.
There is then the “must do” visit to the Hector Pietersen Museum, which details the political upheaval that struck the area throughout apartheid and honours those who died in the Soweto Uprising. Soweto tour guides also recommend that visitors take some time to wander the streets and imbibe its sights and smells, enjoy the famous walls of artistic murals as well as soak in the earthy character of a traditional shebeen tavern.

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