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We were lucky enough to get Pedro as our guide on our tour of South Africa. He was very knowledgeable, fun and flexible with our needs and wants. He ... More more right

Review for Pedro Roque, Tour guide in Randburg, South Africa

About Randburg

Spread out over 32 separate towns and municipalities, the sprawling area of Randburg today forms one of the more affluent and well-to-do parts of the city of Johannesburg. Given the neighbourhood’s moneyed history and residents, visitors here can expect large mansions encompassed by well-pruned gardens, pretty rows of condominium blocks and clean villas peppered with palm trees and abutting leafy streets. But it’s not only homes and apartments that make this one up: Randburg tour guides also point to top-quality shopping centres (some of the best in the country in-fact), like Sanlam and Northgate, the Lion Park, where no fewer than four prides roam complete with cubs et al, and the sprawling entertainment complexes of Brightwater Commons, which come complete with cinema screens and adrenaline-pumping laser tag activities. Finally, Randburg also offers a fine base point for exploring the larger Jo’burg; one that means laid-back vibes and an out-of-town attitude.

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