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About Pretoria

Having emerged invigorated from the dark days of South African apartheid, the pleasant and pristine de facto capital of Pretoria is now a patchwork of sleepy suburbs, green parks and old historical mansions, all augmented with a twist of energy that’s ever-evident in the city’s new political role, diverse nightlife offering and constantly transforming culinary scene.
The historically-interested traveller should ask their Pretoria tourist guide about the sprawling Union Buildings on Meintjieskop, the site of many defining moments of national evolution, and still the current office base of South Africa’s president. Also worthy of note is the recently constructed Freedom Park complex on Salvokop, an all-encompassing monument to the tumultuous human history of the Rainbow Nation during the 20th century.
But, away from the ubiquitous politically-loaded sights of South Africa’s administrative capital, Pretoria offers visitors something of a laid-back respite from the hubbub of touristic crowds that can dominate in other pockets of the country; a perfect spot to grab some shade after a long safari, or sip strong coffees in the one of the overtly French cafés of a bustling and modern downtown.

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