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About Port Elizabeth

Perched out in the cold waters of the South African cape, the ‘windy city’ of Port Elizabeth forms the buzzing heart of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro area. Visitors here enjoy a year-round climate of temperate highs and lots of sunshine, making the city’s long beach fronts and world-famous surf spots some of the most coveted in all of South Africa, while an array of charter boat companies and yacht clubs have helped establish it as a favourite among travelling sailors looking to explore the famous maritime waters. 
But, while most of the action here is centred on the seaside, where it’s possible to windsurf, scuba dive and simply kickback and relax in the sun, there is still aplenty to do in this Friendly city. Walk the Historic Donkin Heritage trail along the footsteps of the 1820 settlers, drop by for a spot of cricket at St George's Oval or try your hand at sand boarding at the Maitland Sand Dunes, while the ubiquitous wildlife-spotting opportunities available around town beckon for a visit. For these, head to one of the many game parks that lie just outside of the centre, or enquire at one of the Port Elizabeth tour guide operators, offering excursions to the north of the city.

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