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About Oudtshoorn

The quaint town of Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo exudes warmth and hospitality, with a mindboggling variety of excursions to indulge in.

Your Oudtshoorn Tour guide will start your trip to the Ostrich Capital by setting up a visit to an ostrich farm. Feeding and interacting with these large eyed birds is fun but even more so is trying your hand at riding an ostrich or participating in an ostrich race! If you’re up for even more adventure on the wild side, dive with crocodiles, get in hand shaking range with a cheetah, interact with lemurs at the Lemur Falls at Cango Wildlife Ranch, or simply go on a safari to interact with all the flora and fauna this beautifully diverse land has on offer. For nature lovers, the Cango Caves located in at the foothills of the Swartberg range are a beautiful masterpiece with naturally coloured limestone formations and yawning caverns. Don’t miss a visit to the Swartberg Mountains for a viewing of rock paintings by the Bushmen that initially inhabited this fertile land.

The town itself is magical as you drive through the streets and see Ostrich Palaces of Oudtshoorn built by ostrich farmers during the feather boom years. Built in varying shades of sandstone, many of these impeccably maintained opulent mansions are presently converted into guesthouses. Alongside, the dainty Victorian houses play host to restaurants and coffee shops, a welcome relief after a busy day of activities

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