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Gavin Greirson has made us love South Africa.He is helpful, giving interesting shows of the country and informative.Also all the time very friendly. More more right

Review for Gavin Grierson, Tour guide in Nelspruit, South Africa

I traveled solo from Cape Town to Jozi for a quick tour of Soweto before my return to the USA. Thulasizwe picked me up from my hotel in Sandton and ... More more right

Review for Thulasizwe Nkabinde, Tour guide in Nelspruit, South Africa

We requested several points of interest we sourced ourselves and Kirsten just widened the field even more. His knowledge of the areas we visited ... More more right

Review for Kirsten Keun , Tour guide in Nelspruit, South Africa

About Nelspruit

Purple bougainvillea randomly sprawls along the banks of the Crocodile River; orchards groaning with juicy citrus fruits and nuts and lush densely covered hills are the feast that awaits your eyes when you arrive in Nelspruit. With a sub tropical climate and sun-filled days, a knowledgeable Nelspruit tourist guide can make your days filled with many activities and sights. Stroll along the paths of the Lowveld Botanical Garden admiring the cacophony of colour from the rare plant species and the first manmade forest in the world. Dolomite rocks worn down from natural acid in the groundwater have formed the 240 million year old golden coppery rock formations of the Sudwala Caves, brilliantly lit in various colours provides an exciting adventure through the different chambers. If crawling, slithering and scaly creatures are your fancy then the Crocodile River Reptile Park, the largest of its kind in Africa is a must see. Watch the snakes and crocodiles at feeding time, ending your day with a picnic basket on the lawns surrounded by nature, blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

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