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André guided our group from the Regent Seven Seas Explorer in December 2018.  The group consisted of travelers mostly in the 65+ age group ... More more right

Review for André Gildenhuys, Tour guide in Langebaan, South Africa

After making a tour via SCR we were picked up at Oudshoorn, after visiting the oistriches, via our familyrelation Jessy Lippertz at Kaapstad. She had ... More more right

Review for Maarten Peutz, Tour guide in Langebaan, South Africa

Both our childeren made use of Karin Belo from Azul Coastal Tours on different occasions, they were very impressed with her ... More more right

Review for Karin Belo , Tour guide in Langebaan, South Africa

About Langebaan

With the white-sand beaches of Saldanha Bay at its front and the boulder-speckled hills of the West Coast National Park at its back, there's no denying the enviable location enjoyed by Langebaan. Thanks to its spot between the ridges of the Cape and the rollers of the southern Atlantic, local holidaymakers (especially those from nearby Cape Town) have been coming here to kick-back, relax and enjoy the salt spray for decades. That's probably why so many beach cabanas and hotels now fringe the coast of the town, offering accommodation just meters from the enticing waters of Langebaan Lagoon. Don't worry though, the lethargic way of life (unless you're coming to compete in one of the many Iron Man triathlons that take place here each year, of course!) has been well preserved. Engage a Langebaan tour guide and choose between long days on the soft sands, strolling the dunes, lounging in the seaside bars, birdwatching in the West Coast Park reserve – the list goes on…

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