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About Kruger National Park

The undisputed gem of South Africa’s safari crown, the Kruger National Park sprawls itself over 19,000 square kilometres of savannah, hill and bush land in the country’s north-eastern corner, where it offers up perhaps the most comprehensive array of adventure holiday opportunities and accommodation options on the continent.
Playing host to the much coveted Big 5 game and so much more, it’s easy to see why Kruger continues to figure as one of the most popular wildlife-spotting destinations in East Africa, attracting visitors in search of the famous plains lion, the colossal African elephant, the speckled leopard, the deceptively dangerous buffalo and the endangered black rhino.
Before arriving, be sure to quiz your Kruger National Park tour guide on the best accommodation and excursion options for you, because there are tailor-made trips for every type of traveller here, from budget, rugged camping stays on the Sabi Sands to unashamed luxury at the various honeymoon lodges and hotels that spring up from the grasses of Kruger itself.

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