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About Knysna

Enveloped by primeval woodland and arched elegantly over a seaside lagoon of the Indian Ocean, the city of Knysna has long been praised for its supreme natural beauty and prime location on the famed Garden Route of South Africa’s Western Cape. A noticeably pleasant Mediterranean microclimate reigns through the year nurturing forests and eco reserves, overseeing hiking and biking trails, wildlife excursions through its fynbos, and even a local rastafarian community.
Any Knysna tour guide will proudly proclaim the Knysna Heads as its most famed attraction, and the lagoon it encloses is a hotbed of aqua adventure from sea kayaking and boat charters to whale watching. The town itself has high status as a veritable golfers paradise that gets even livelier around the festivals that it hosts through the year. Culinary-orientated travellers would do well to come in mid-July, when Knysna bustles with the annual Oyster Festival, South Africa’s largest celebration of fresh seafood, easily paired with its locally brewed beer.
Away from the outdoorsy activities, Knysna provides a perfect seaside retreat for luxury-seekers too, and the abundance of boutique accommodations, quirky local shopping spots and independent art galleries rarely fail to deliver.