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About Johannesburg

Jozi, as locals endearingly refer it to, is a city well and truly riding the wave of reinvigoration. It’s a place that has risen to become one of South Africa’s cultural and commercial kingpins, and a truly enticing global destination just 20 years after the fall of Apartheid. It’s diverse and cutting-edge, energetic in the extreme and your guide is sure to show you all the right places to explore in Jo’burg. 
With such a wealth of districts, suburbs and outer-city sites to explore, visitors should leave at least a couple of days to tick off all the Jo’burg bucket list toppers. These include the groundbreaking and immersive Apartheid Museum on Northern Parkway, the politically loaded site of Constitution Hill, and the 45,000-hectare or so UNESCO area called ‘Cradle of Humankind’ to the city’s west, where 3.5 million year-old fossils have pushed our understanding of humankind’s ancestry.
For the urban addict, there’s plenty of action and goings-on in Jo’burg that are guaranteed to impress; from walking the bustling streets of the downtown CBD to people watching in the vast green parks, or simply sampling the local character with a jaunt on one of the city’s legendary nightlife strips.

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