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About George

Situated along the pretty stretches of South Africa’s Garden Route, just a stone’s throw inland from the rolling swells of the Indian Ocean and the beaches of the Western Cape, the well-to-do city of George has established itself as an enterprising, entrepreneurial hub of business travel, conferencing and eco-tourism.

As the sixth-oldest city in the country, George also boasts a long and enthralling history, and touts the pretty Dutch Reformed Moederkerk on Mead Street, its own local museum complex (which includes the acclaimed Outeniqua Transport Museum), and South Africa’s oldest Catholic church to prove it.

Looming on the edges of town, visitors will also discover the Outeniqua Mountains, which throw up great safari opportunities, some excellent golf courses, and the iconic hiking trails of the Outeniqua route. George tour guides also often recommend taking a trip to the nearby beaches, which range from the sheltered Herolds Bay to the surfing stretches of Victoria in the east.

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