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First of all Luke knew his animals... he really knew details. His nearly  immediate responses to my inquiries revealed professionalism and ... More more right

Review for Luke Beckmann, Tour guide in East London, South Africa

About East London

In many ways the somewhat confusing name of this bustling port town on the Eastern Cape is an apt reminder of its colonial beginnings, and a fine introduction to the wealth of regal Victorian architecture that peppers its now aged central districts. But East London isn’t just an urban microcosm of its English big brother; it’s got beaches too, and surf. Some of the best in the country in fact.
Before heading out to explore the sands and swells around the city though, be sure to ask your East London tour guide about the old City Hall on Oxford Street, with its grandiose Victorian façade and painted white and pink hues. And don’t leave without seeing the East London Harbour—the only deep-water river port in the country, and the gateway to the eateries and cafes that line the wharfs along the Buffalo River.
Further afield, the most experienced surfers can head to the right-curling point breaks of Nahoon Reef, while beach lovers can seek out the sandy spots at Cove Rock, Glengarriff and picturesque Igoda.

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