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Donnewin was a very good guide. He was punctual and was never late to pick us upt at the vrious stop points. He drove very safely and we felt quite ... More more right

Review for Donnewin Christo, Tour guide in Cape Agulhas, South Africa

After making a tour via SCR we were picked up at Oudshoorn, after visiting the oistriches, via our familyrelation Jessy Lippertz at Kaapstad. She had ... More more right

Review for Maarten Peutz, Tour guide in Cape Agulhas, South Africa

Simply the Best tour guide in the Cape for Customised tours,  With timely Pick ups and Drop offs , and good  knowledge of Cape town.Visited ... More more right

Review for Radheeka Reyatt, Tour guide in Cape Agulhas, South Africa

About Cape Agulhas

The southernmost tip of the African continent makes its home between the blustery coves and crevices and cliffs of Cape Agulhas; a buffeted peninsula of pebbly beaches and crumpled rocks that’s been the specter of seamen since the first explorers and traders began making the perilous journey around the continent. Indeed, the crashing seas and dramatic rusting shells of old ships and tankers washed up on the shore endorse its past as the legendary “Cape of Storms”. This meeting point between the Indian and Atlantic Ocean is iconised by a red and white lighthouse, which doubles up as a museum and a spot for fantastic panoramic views should you climb to its top. Though Cape Agulhas is one of the less-visited coastal regions of South Africa, void of the dramatic panoramas afforded by Good Hope, there’s no denying its rugged beauty, beset by the contours of Table Mountain’s escarpments and the rising foothills of the Overberg District. There’s also some fantastic seafood to be had here, served simple and fresh and salty, straight from the sea. Cape Agulhas tour guides operate out of both L'Agulhas town and nearby Hermanus, and offer whale-spotting and hiking tours aplenty.

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