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I  first travelled with Tony three years ago.  He met me at the airport and we spent the rest of the tour together.  Being on a ... More more right

Review for Tony Horn, Tour guide in Bloemfontein, South Africa

I had a great time hunting with Willie. He was very accommodating to my needs as a hunter from the states. He was easy to deal with and put something ... More more right

Review for Willie Vermaak, Tour guide in Bloemfontein, South Africa

About Bloemfontein

South Africa’s judicial capital and capital of the Free State Province, is a mellow and relaxed place that ebbs and flows with the energy of its booming student population and various high-profile business conferences throughout the year. Between term times, the centre is an array of museums and botanical gardens, which does well to chronicle the enthralling history of the town, its role in the Anglo Boer War and its origins as the capital of the Orange Republic in the mid-19th century. Indeed, many of the buildings that pepper the pretty streets around President Brand still reflect these Dutch roots, while the Loch Logan Waterfront belies the city’s more modern, retail-orientated edge. But, this is still South Africa, and guests here are also treated to the ubiquitous game reserves and natural wonders. For these, Bloemfontein tour guides often direct travellers to the Cheetah Experience on Bainsvlei, to the Bagamoya Wildlife centre, or the rugged hills of the Mountain Zebra National Park a little to the south.

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