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First of all Luke knew his animals... he really knew details. His nearly  immediate responses to my inquiries revealed professionalism and ... More more right

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About Addo Elephant Park

Forever expanding into the wooded Cape and the dusty bushlands that surround it, Addo Elephant Park now ranks as the third largest national park in South Africa. It's got a vast swatch of biodiversity to show for it too, with habitats that range from sweeping savannah plains to icy waters along the coast. In such a wealth of different natural areas to see, Addo Elephant Park tour guides can showcase the fabled Big 7 game - glimpses of elephants and rare rhinos, lion packs, buffalos, stalking leopards, and even southern right whales and sharks in the water. You will need to put together an itinerary that covers all sections of the reserve if you want to spot those iconic beasts; so, consider the horseback safaris or hop-on, hop-off game drive options available. 

It's not just about seeing wild critters; Addo is a veritable mecca for those eager to pull on the hiking boots. In the north, it converges with the rugged Rietberg Mountains, while lookout points and dusty tracks weave and wiggle through the forests and across the plains – just keep your eyes peeled for wandering elephant herds as you go!

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