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About Skofja Loka

Hidden between the verdant valleys and soft contours of the Polhov Gradec Hills just north of Ljubljana, Skofja Loka spreads out from the meandering channels of the Selca Sora and Poljane Sora Rivers to form one of the most beautiful towns in all of Slovenia.

Crowned in the centre by the steadfast turrets of Loka Castle and enfolded by the misty tops of Krancelj Hill, this sleepy spot thoroughly deserves its historic status. Red-tiled roofs ring their way around the medieval fortification, following the courses of the 14th century bulwarks that defended against Ottoman and Lutheran alike. Below, the Town Square’s streets of cobblestone wind and weave by the likes of the Marian column, the bell Tower of St Jacob’s Church, and cross the stony arches of the Cappuchin Bridge, the oldest of its kind in the country. And between all of the fairy-tale charm and aged facades, Skofja Loka tour guides reveal a clutch of cafes, many of which spill out onto al fresco terraces in the summer, boasting broadside views of the rugged ridges all around town.

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