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Special mention for our guides: Mrs Petra Lubej who accompanied us all along the trip is a very exceptional person, her presentation of the sites ... More more right

Review for Petra Lubej, Tour guide in Piran, Slovenia

With my family we took guided tour of Slovenian coast and it was great. He guided us in Piran, Izola and Koper. He is very knowledgeable, ... More more right

Review for Demian Sem, Tour guide in Piran, Slovenia

About Piran

Perched out in the swells of the Adriatic, the pretty little town of Piran is a veritable gem of the Slovenian Coast and Karst region, drawing a booming crowd of visitors during its lengthy high season every year to prove it.

Medieval homes, churches and squares abound in the historic town, knit together by tight alleys that centre on the charming Tartinijev trg. This beating heart of Piran is adorned with the magnificent gothic frontispiece of the so-called Venetian House and the honorific statue to Giuseppe Tartini; both standing testimony to this city’s indelible Latin character and deep Italian roots. 15th century fortifications wind their way into the hills above town, where a stroll makes it possible to survey the glistening waters of the Adriatic, peppered with the white specks of sailing yachts, or the grand Renaissance tower that marks the city’s Church of St. George.

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to sample fresh Adriatic seafood, rustic Italian pizzas or truffle-infused pastas out of Istria to the south, as well as join the locals for a swim around the promenades of the old town, all the above highly recommended by any Piran tour guide.

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