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Review for Sabina Jug, Tour guide in Maribor, Slovenia

Maribor, Piran, North-Italy, Balkans. Culture, attractions, weather, hidden leisure places. He is prepared of it all. More more right

Review for Anton Butolo, Tour guide in Maribor, Slovenia

About Maribor

The beautiful city of Maribor lies ensconced in the Drava Valley surrounded by lush green mountains and hills. The great River Drava runs through the city with the stone and red roof topped houses playfully reflecting in the water. A fertile wine growing area, visit the Old Vine House in Lent, to see the oldest vine in the world. Follow it up with a visit to Piramida or Kavarija wine hills for panoramic views of the city. Your Maribor Tourist guide will tell you that the Main Square called Glavni trg is the epicentre to the historical sites as well as the hustle and bustle of everyday life for the locals. At the centre is the Plague Column of the golden Virgin Mary surrounded by six saints; walk over to the Aloysius church indicative of Baroque architecture for a visit. In the former Jewish quarter, the 14th century Maribor Synagogue is now used as a cultural centre for concerts and exhibitions. During the ‘Festival Lent’ there are over 400 performances, making it one of the biggest festivals in Europe. End your day at the Slovene National Theatre followed by meal of Travniška pura, which is polenta topped with sour cream and shredded smoked sheep. 

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