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Review for Janez Kopar, Tour guide in Koper, Slovenia

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About Koper

The pristine and picturesque seaside city of Koper is one of the country’s few urban areas situated on the small coastal stretch of Istrian Slovenia. Since its foundation in Roman times it’s drawn influences from right across the Adriatic, with an Old Town harbour that’s alive with classic Venetian architecture and some fantastic Italian pizzerias, while also assimilating a curious Eastern European character, still lingering in the wake of the former Yugoslavia.
Koper tourist guides often recommend a walking tour of the compact ancient downtown, where the alluring 15th century Praetorian Palace and mysterious Cathedral of the Assumption still crown the stoic square of Tito. Here, it’s also possible to scale the Campanile bell tower, where 360-degree panoramas of the city and its famous marina await.
In true Istrian style, the coastline around town is rugged and rocky, with numerous cliff walks and inlets for walkers to explore. There are also some bathing spots just outside of the harbour in town, while most locals simply opt to sip a beer or savour the best pastas in Slovenia at one of the many waterside eateries or pubs.

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