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Review for Sabina Jug, Tour guide in Celje, Slovenia

About Celje

Celje is one of those places that inexplicably gets overlooked by tourists, giving anyone who discovers it the thrill of being in on a hidden secret. As one of Europe’s most underrated treasures, Slovenia’s third largest city is an enchanting compilation of historical architecture and picturesque views. The city’s old castle beguilingly overlooks the peaceful Savinja River, and a winding footpath guides visitors to the 13th Century fortress. Cobblestone streets lead to Stari Grad Castle, as well as charmingly antiquated buildings and unique cultural spots, both highbrow and relatable; the Celje Regional Museum houses skulls of past nobles’ in glass jars, among far less cringe-worthy exhibits.
As any Celje tour guide will tell you, the city is best seen on foot, as marveling at its’ beauty can become an entire day’s activity in and of itself. Luckily the compact nature of Celje’s layout has made it extremely pedestrian friendly, welcoming visitors to explore its’ breathtaking streetscapes and wondrous sites.

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