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Without doubt one of the favourite trips we ever had.Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by our guide Marko ,  while our names were mentioned on ... More more right

Review for Marko Jurina, Tour guide in Bohinj, Slovenia

Special mention for our guides: Mrs Petra Lubej who accompanied us all along the trip is a very exceptional person, her presentation of the sites ... More more right

Review for Petra Lubej, Tour guide in Bohinj, Slovenia

About Bohinj

According to local myth, the Turks, mighty conquerors of their time, turned around when they tried to invade Bohinj, because they thought it was the end of the world! It takes a visit to understand why; hidden deep in the Julian Alps, right on the eastern edge of the snow-topped Triglav mountain, this untrodden valley is a veritable alpine wonderland. By winter, the pistes of Kobla and Vogel Bohinj offer winding groomed runs that pierce the fir forests and crisscross the plateaus above the valley bottom. High season here is certainly the summer, when the Bohinj Lake unfreezes and comes into its own. All around the banks of the emerald-hued water, little clusters of spruce forest play host to picnickers and swimmers. Trekking trails shoot up the hills to the south, while a great wall of limestone rock provides the utterly breath-taking backdrop. These days, Bohinj tour guides are at hand to help with anything from ski rental in the winter to mountaineering gear for conquering the surrounding summits during the warmer months.

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